AfterLife Regression

For me personally, an Afterlife Regression (In-Between Lives) is a very profound experience that each person should experience at least once to understand the deeper meaning of our existence as an incarnating soul. It is an astounding experience to discover our soul’s evolution, life purpose, soul’s lesson, the origin of our soul, meeting Spiritual Guides and Councils/Elders, soul mates and soul family, selection of body choices incarnating into current physical life, review the Book of Life from the Akashic Library and many more extraordinary experiences, learning that is very personal and exclusive.

​In this session, I will guide and regress you to a past life and then you will be guided beyond the death in that past life, to journey onto the Afterlife back to the Spiritual Realm which is our Spiritual Home. This Home is the place we all go when our soul leaves our physical body and here is where souls dwell before the next incarnations.

​When you arrive at the Spiritual Realm, you will be guided and shown accordingly to places your Spiritual Guides or your Higher Soul/Self has planned for you and you will gain deep insights and important messages on a deeper level of understanding. This is an experience unlike anything you could imagine and this will definitely be a life-transforming journey for you to be able to experience it personally. During this session of Afterlife Regression, you will receive deep healing for your body, mind and soul.

Fees and Payment
Please contact or message to inquire about the service fee for an Afterlife Regression (In-Between Lives) session. The session takes about 2.5 to 3 hours or more (excluding pre-talk before the session and debrief after the end of the session)

*(CASH only and to be paid before the start of the session)

The session will be held at my cozy private home located in Kajang, Selangor (Malaysia) with full privacy. An address would be given upon a confirmed appointment. For more info:

Note: Private sessions are available in Hong Kong and Singapore. Please contact us for more information.

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