Past Life Regression

Past life memories are the life history of our eternal soul, history about who we have been, who are we now, why are we here on earth, the life pattern or behavior of our soul in past lives and many more past life memories that can be accessed and re-experienced using Past Life Regression technique.

A Past Life Regression can unveil the root cause of our undesirable repeated patterns or behaviors brought by the soul that hinders us from living to the fullest potential in the current present life. In this session, I will guide you back to your present life childhood memories, and then further regress back to before you were born into the time you were in your mother’s womb; here you may be able to gain some relevant insights about your life purpose, lessons to be learned on your current life and relationship with your mother. From here, you will be guided and continuing regressed further to a past life (lives) that is most relevant to the problems or issues that we have discussed to work on.

During this Past Life Regression session incorporating Soul Regression Therapy® technique, you would gain messages and insights that give clarity and answers to the concerned issues, the release of emotions or fears, healing of traumas, relationships matters, clarity on current life path and many more other beneficial discoveries among others. Once you truly understand yourself at this deepest level of your being, you will then move on to live more fully and productively in the present lifetime, amassing the lessons of many lifetimes.

After a successful Past Life Regression session, you can now schedule for the next Soul Regression Therapy® session – Afterlife Regression (In-Between Lives Regression).

Fees and Payment
Please contact or message to inquire about the service fee for a Past Life Regression session. The session takes about 2 hours or more (excluding pre-talk before the session and debrief after the end of the session).

*(CASH only and to be paid before the start of the session)

The session will be held at my cozy private home located in Kajang, Selangor (Malaysia) with full privacy. An address would be given upon a confirmed appointment. For more info:

Note: Private sessions are available in Hong Kong and Singapore. Please contact us for more information.

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