Soul Regression Therapy® is a powerful healing modality that incorporates hypnotic transpersonal psychotherapeutic regression therapy developed by Lorna and John Jackson that encourages healing and growth. Both of them have been professionally trained in many fields from clinical hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, past life therapy and spiritual regression.

Soul Regression Therapy® consists of two separate healing therapy sessions
i) Past Life Regression
ii) Afterlife Regression (In-Between Lives)

These days, past life regression is being increasingly accepted as a healing modality for people seeking self-understanding and realization, finding the meaning of life purpose, healing of emotional and physical & relationship issues, the release of phobias, fears, habits or simply understanding life after death and beyond. More and more people are now in this awakening stage seeking spiritual understanding about the existence of oneself, their life purpose, lessons in life and overcoming obstacles in life and much more; having Soul Regression Therapy® would enable them to receive main understandings and gain clarities to all these matters.

Lorna and John have trained, studied and been inspired by many pioneers of past life and spiritual regression which include, Dr. Brian Weiss, Dolores Cannon, Richard Sutphen, Woolger Institute, Henry Bolduc, Peter Rampster, Andy Tomlinson, Dee Chips and The Newton Institute USA. With their immense combined therapy knowledge and experience, Lorna and John developed Soul Regression Therapy® with their main mission “to awaken consciousness and facilitate the healing of Souls globally through building a network of enlightened healers”

Past Life Regression

A past life regression is a form of therapy using a hypnotic method for a deeply focused relaxation state of mind and used to heal and transform the root causes of undesirable issues and patterns that appeared in the present life which recurred from past life unlearned lessons. A past life regression would help us to connect with our deeper soul-self (Higher Self) to get insights into our life purpose, life lessons and directions, challenges, relationships, career aspirations and so much more.

With Soul Regression Therapy® distinct technique in a past life regression session, clients would be guided back to review their present life childhood memories and also memories before after they were conceived while inside the womb before regressing further back to past life memories that are relevant to their current life issues or problems.

Past life memories consist of the life history of our eternal soul, who we have been, why are we here on earth, what are our life lessons, the life pattern or behavior of our soul in past lives and many more past life memories that can be accessed and re-experienced using the proven effective Soul Regression Therapy® Past Life Regression technique to gain holistic healing for your body, mind, spirit and soul. Once you truly understand yourself at this deepest level of your being, you will then move on to live more fully and progressively in the present, integrating the lessons of many lifetimes.

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Afterlife Regression (In-Between Lives)

In the world of regression therapy work, past-life regression is almost common, however with the distinct technique of Soul Regression Therapy®, clients are guided to go beyond to journey onto the after-life and connect to their eternal spirit in a place between each life, the place where all souls dwell between physical lifetimes which is our true spiritual Home, to where it all begins.

In an Afterlife Regression (In-Between Lives) session, after reviewing a past life memory client would be guided beyond the death in that past life to ascend back to the spiritual realm to discover more insights about souls’ existence, meet with soul family, soul friends, spirit guides and councils/elders, visiting the Akashic library, reviewing body choice selections, revisit the memory of being at the preconception meeting room where the souls selecting the roles each one of them agreed to play when incarnating to the physical earth.

An Afterlife Regression (In-Between Lives) session is an astounding experience that is very personal and exclusive for those that have the chance to experience it. It is beyond what one could imagine and the session will bring deep healing and understanding to the body, mind, and spirit.

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